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Start/Create your own web site?

There are numerous reasons to set up your own website, to promote your business, share your life with friends and family, make money online and etc.


1. Decide on a domain name.

For example:,,,

2. Buy your domain name and find a host for your website. I can recommend you guys to use 1&1 hosting.

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Follow these steps in ordering a website.

  • Click on “Domain Search”

  • Type your domain for example: and click on “check” to see the availability of your domain name.

  • If your domain is available then you can continue by clicking on “Continue” button. If your domain is not available then you may need to choose another unique domain name.

  • You need to choose a hosting package that will hold your domain or host your domain. You can choose any of the packages, depends on you what package fits your needs. I can recommend a beginner package if you are a newbie or if your and expert and the features that you are looking for fits for the developer package then you can order that one.

4. Create your site. You can any software to design your website or the tools that is provided in your hosting package like website builder in your 1&1 control panel.

5. Upload your files. If you do not know how to upload your files to the server then you may contact the technical support.

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WordPress installation at 1&1 hosting.

All system requirements of WordPress are supported at 1&1 hosting.

  • PHP version 4.2 or greater
  • MySQL version version 4.0 or greater
  • The Apache mod_rewrite module

Here is a quick step on how to install WordPress.

1.    Download the latest version of WordPress.


2.    Extract the zip file (

3.  Login to your 1&1 control panel to get the ftp username and password. Use the ftp information to your filezilla to connect to your web space.

Informations required to connect to your webspace.

  • ftp username
  • ftp password

4.  Upload the extracted file to your web space. I’m using filezilla to upload my wordpress file to my web space.

5.  Point your domain to the folder that you have uploaded to your web space.  Do this in your 1&1 control panel.

6. Type your domain name to the browser and just follow the instructions.

Click –> Create Configuration File –> Let’s Go! –> Replace the database information to your database information from your 1&1 control panel –> Run Install –> Install WordPress.

7.  Done.

5 free Domains with Select Hosting Plans. Get yours!