How to install QmailToaster in Centos.

Download & Run Pre-Install Scripts

1. Create a directory for qmailtoaster files.

mkdir -p /usr/src/qtms-install

2. Change directory to the above created directory.

cd /usr/src/qtms-install

3. Download the installation script. (The script is meant for 64 bit).


4. Run the installation script.


5. &


6. Rename to


7. Edit “” with “vi” or your favorite text editor


Find the line that with “MYSQLPW=YOUR_MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD” and change “YOUR_MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD” to the password you want used for the mysql root account.

8. Run the downloaded script.


It’s time to download and install the qmailtoaster.

1. Change your directory to “/usr/src/qtms-install” created in the above step.

cd /usr/src/qtms-install

2. Download the script “” that will download all the QmailToaster packages to be installed on your system.


3. Run the “” with the command below.


Install QmailToaster Packages

1. For x86_64: Download the “” file which will install all the QmailToaster packages on your system.


2. Run the downloaded script.


Edit /etc/php.ini and set register_globals = On
service httpd restart

Bring up your browser and go to:
Username: admin
Password: toaster
Change your password . . .

Edit /etc/php.ini and set register_globals = Off
service httpd restart

Check your mail server:
login with your full email address and your password
Send yourself an email – should show right away
Send an email to yourself if you have another address
Go to your other email account and reply to the message you sent

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