How To Integrate Drivers For Windows XP/Server 2003/Media Center 2005

1. Download “nLite” software.

2. Install nLite to your machine or to your computer.

3. Start/Run the application after the installation.


Click Next
Put your Windows installer disc in the drive and point nLite to where it is located. It will ask where to copy the files to if it is on a CD/DVD and
automatically detect what version of windows you are trying to slipstream. Click Next.


The next screen asks what you want to accomplish. For the intents and purposes of this tutorial, we’re just going to click on ‘Drivers’ and ‘Bootable
ISO’. Click Next.


This screen is going to ask you for the drivers that you want to integrate. Please remember that you should only include drivers that are for your otherwise, it may not install correctly. Click on the Insert button and select multiple because I have extracted all my drivers to a single common
directory. After it processes all your drivers, you will see a list of them in the window:
Click Next


When it asks you to start the process, go ahead and say Yes.


This will take a few minutes to do, but when it is done, click Next.
Set everything up the way I have it displayed, click Burn, and when it’s done you will have a bootable XP/Windows 2003/etc disc!


You may now proceed to the installation.

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